Hiking through the rainforest on Ilha Grande proves to be a real adventure. With trails leading from Pousada Lagamar to attractions throughout the island, it has become a hikers paradise. From the novice walker to the experienced explorer, there are trails and mountains waiting to be discovered by all.

Visit beaches near and far, discover the wildlife of the island and take in the beautiful views of the ocean and mainland Brazil. With so many possible adventures, Lu and Ezequiel of Pousada Lagamar will gladly help plan your trip.

Beach of Araçatiba
Beach of Provetá
Praia Vermelha
Praia Longa

One of the most popular trails around Pousada Lagamar leads to the Gruta do Acaiá, also known as the Cave of Acaiá. This trail is for all levels of hikers and is recommended to all visitors to the island. The views along the way are breathtaking and the flora and fauna is spectacular. Plenty of shade along the trail also, to keep you cool.

Another very popular trail leads from the pousada to Praia do Aventureiro, stopping off at Praia Longa. Visiting Praia do Aventureiro, whilst being a lengthy hike, is a must for any visitor to Ilha Grande. If you would like to talk with us about the trails and hiking excursions, please contact us and let us know.