Beach of Araçatiba
Beach of Provetá
Praia Vermelha
Praia Longa

If you're looking for even more adventure on Ilha Grande, how about letting Pousada Lagamar arrange a trip for you along the coast by boat. Take in the full beauty of the big island and visit some of the more remote villages and beaches along the way.

The 'Lagoa Azul' is a favourite stop of most. A picturesque lagoon with warm blue water where you can swim with tropical fish. Make sure to keep an eye out for dolphins and hump back whales on your trip too. You can also kayak from Praia Vermelha along the coast to the 'Lagoa Verde' and soak up the sun along the way.

Snorkelling along the coast is always fun. Discover friendly sea-turtles, colorful tropical fish and strange creatures of the sea. Activities on the island are just as enjoyable. As soon as you set off from the pousada you're on your way to an unforgettable day!

Hiking your way past Praia Vermelha and through the rainforest, make sure to stop off at the 'Gruta do Acaia'. The cave is accessible from above and once you have clambered inside, its beauty naturally illuminates the pool below. Relax and cool off in its magical waters - your feet will thank you for it!